Power & Energy Meters


J&D Electronics designs and manufactures SENSWAY® power quality meters, smart meters and DC energy meters, and distributes multi-circuit energy meters + online user interfaces. The SENSWAY meter line supports DLMS, Modbus RTU and Modbus IP (Ethernet) and operates as a single-phase or three-phase energy meter depending on configuration. These bidirectional power quality, energy and demand meters are ideal for use in commercial, industrial and Distributed Energy Resource systems, utility sub-metering applications. The SENSWAY meter has a one-year limited warranty, is UL listed for use in the United States and Canada (cUL), and is CE marked for use in the European Economic Area.


Multifunction Meters

Innovative power and energy meters are revenue-grade devices, used to monitor energy consumption and power quality in buildings. Automated or distributed energy resource systems, and distribution systems.
Important information such as AC or DC metering data, waveform capture, harmonics, alarm limits and I/O are provided for energy analysis and control.

Multi-circuit Energy Meters

SENSWAY’s AC/DC submeters are designed for accurate real-time monitoring of multiple circuits within electrical panels.

The online user interface provides real-time integrated data logging and supports easy understanding about access to power quality and energy data, providing efficient energy management at a low cost per meter point

Electricity Smart Meters

SENSWAY’s electricity smart meters are designed for accurate real-time monitoring of electronic device that records information such as consumption of electric energy, voltage levels, current, and power factor. Electricity Smart meters communicate the information to the consumer for greater clarity of consumption behavior, and Utility electricity suppliers for system monitoring and customer billing.