Energy IoT platform based on electricity bill reduction, 'Jaguar IoT' favorable reviews

재규어 IoT-IFS 프랜차이즈 참관

J&D Electronics participated in the IFS Franchise Fair and unveiled ‘Jaguar IoT’, an energy IoT platform based on electricity bill reduction. You can measure power through IoT energy meter and IoT sensor and monitor it real-time through PC and mobile. Using the energy IoT platform, we introduced WIN-WIN solutions in the franchise industry that can be managed remotely, such as lighting and humidity of franchise stores and equipment.

Article Date: 2020.12.09 / Source: Energy Newspaper

J&D Electronics Launches Smart Energy Platforms and Delivers Energy Saving Services

제이앤디전자, 유럽스마트 유틸리티 참가하다

J&D Electronics, which participated in the European Utility Work, introduced the Jaguar Internet of Things platform. Current sensor recognition devices and gateways with self-recognition circuits are equipped with AC, DC multichannel meters and split current sensors to reduce quick installation and installation errors, and to enable rapid response in case of errors. It is a platform that can save smart energy by measuring the electricity efficiency of electric devices and accumulated usage in the current month in detail.

Article Date: November 20, 2019 / Source: Daily Economy

Export of Dominica in cooperation with J&D Electronics,
KEPCO Energy Management System

한전, 도미니카에 에너지 관리 시스템 수출

Korea Electric Power Corporation and J&D Electronics have cooperated to export K-SEMS (K-SEMS) to the Dominican Republic. Through K-SEMS, various energy usage information such as electricity, gas, and heat is collected, analyzed, and controlled in real time to create an optimal energy mix. We demonstrated the energy management system for the first time overseas by exporting energy integrated control technology that increases efficiency and reduces costs.

Article Date: 2019.06.17 / Source: Daily Economy