Current Transformers

About Current Transformer

J&D Electronics designs and manufactures high-spec line of Revenue-grade split core current transformers, flexible Rogowski coil current transformers and solid-core current transformers.

To select a CT, first determine the current being measured, the size of the conductor being measured, and the style of flexible type (open type), split-core (open type) or solid-core (non-open type) CT, and then select the required model according to the maximum load It is recommended to do.
The CT has a five-year limited warranty, is UL listed for use in the United States and Canada (cUL), and is CE marked for use in the European Economic Area.


Current Transformer

High specification line of flexible Rogowski coil current transformers that measures AC high current for power metering, power quality analysis and general use.
The ARCT Rogowski coil current transformers are accurate, flexible, rope-style CT that can be connected around conductors. They greatly simplify AC current measurements of conductors where traditional split-core and solid-core CTs are difficult to use. With its flexible design, the ARCT is perfect for large bus bars and irregular-shaped conductor bundles.

split-core current transformers are designed for applications specifically designed to be installed around a primary current-carrying conductor without disconnecting wires or breaking monitoring circuitry and are used with devices that measure the magnitude of current, energy and power.
These measuring revenue grade split core CTs are the best solution for energy measurement and management applications for quick and easy installation.

Solid-core current transformers do not have an opening section, so you must disconnect the measured circuit to install solid core CTs.
These measuring revenue grade solid core CTs are the best solution for energy measurement and management applications for better suited for new wiring or permanent installation.